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Project Details

Client: Platinum Standard Grading

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To be totally honest, when we first met with the team at PSG, we quickly learnt a number of things.

1. The Pandas broad love of all sport was going to be of great assistance.

2. The trading and collector card sector is BIG business, with huge money being spent globally.

3. We have a few closet collectors within the ranks.

Over the past 18 months, we have had the great fortune to create artwork showing some of the worlds most revered sports stars, whilst promoting another Gold Coast business, doing amazing work nationally, and very soon internationally (watch this space) From product videos, promotions, photography, graphic design, podcasts and digital asset creation and management, the Mad Pandas have fully emersed themselves in the PSG and collector space, and it has been the most interesting of rides.

Project Highlights
• Brand Direction & Campaign Design
• Studio Photography
• Motion Graphics
• Digital Media
• Partnership announcements
• Print Design
• Social Media Design
• Video production

PSG Go Platinum work showcase

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